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If you're a collector of HotWheels Purple Passions then you'll find the PurplePassionCustoms Zone a welcome departure from the ordinary.
My Custom Passions include single one-of-a kinds, Convention Passions and Promotional Customs.
Depending on the order I'll make just one or sometimes as many as 75 as I'm currently doing for a regular customer.

Whether it's a single Custom or a large run, each casting receives the same meticulous Body Preparation to create a piece that stands out in any customer's collection.
I don't make the simple token Passions we suddenly see flooding the DieCast community from this recent onslaught of Newcomer DieCast Conventions.  My Convention Passions are something quite different.

Just a short intoduction with some pictures of my Passions, old and recent, and I'll take you through CadillacPat's PurplePassionCustoms Zone
to see what goes on behind the scenes of creating Custom Passions that are distinctly rich in House Of Kolor paint and high resolution graphics.  Passions that are most of all well made and FUN, a characteristic not normally seen in Customs, especially Convention Passions.

Let's begin with a picture of my first Convention Passions.
The very rare 2004 Texas Regionals Convention Passion------

How rare?  It's one of the rarest OFFICIAL Convention Passions known.  45 were created, 5 were given out to the Texas Regional Convention Committee, one for myself, and three to the committee financial partners Rob "Robinator" Graves, Joe "The Shack" Falco, C.R. "CeeRay" Marvin.  The fifth one went to at that time the Head of HotWheels Amy Boylan.
Here's how these Texas Regionals Passions and over 1000 more Customs created by myself for the Texas Regionals Convention came to be.
I was approached by Rob Graves, Joe Falco and C.R. Marvin to design and create all but two of the many official Texas Regionals Convention Cars.
In total I made over 800 '69 Tooned Camaros for them as the Event Car and a slew of '56 Chevy's, Chrome plated Scorchin Scooters, BlastLanes, and some Gold Plated VW Drag Buses.
I held back the 40 Texas Regional Convention Passions intended as Hospitality Room Passions when I began hearing from the 3 Committee "bosses" themselves that they were spending money irresponsibly for personal gifts, AirFares, Limousines, Hotel Suites and other selfish commitee perks.
Well everyone knows the story today of all the unpaid creditors, unpaid Hotel contracts and missing Childrens Charity Money from the Texas Regionals Convention.
Finally this year I have taken these Convention Passions out of storage to begin selling them and Passion Collectors are happy to hear that.
They are available for $75 but will increase in price as the remaining number decreases.
I also have plans to recreate this rare car in other colors.

From 2005 through 2010 I attended 7 more HotWheels Conventions for the sole purposes of showing my Customs and promoting House Of Kolor products. 
Beginning in 2004 I conducted online Raffles, Giveaways, Customs Trivia Cont4ests, DownHill Races and made Club Cars and Graphics for a number of Custom Websites. 
I introduced a special Customs Library Section to Joes DieCast Shack while I was Moderator there and helped build HobbyTalk, DieCast Diner, JLTalk and others with constant submitting of my CadillacPat Customizing Tutorials and Custom Pictorials.
Participating in Conventions every 6 months finally got very repetitive and I decided to take my travelling CadillacPat's Customs Show entirely to the Internet. 

The Purple Passion is not my only casting that I work with.  I pick castings that are well made and popular with other Collectors.
From HotWheels I like the Dairy Delivery, Fat Fender 40, 40 Coupe, TailDragger, '59 Cadillac, all of their Chevelles and the '66 Nova, Scorchin' Scooter.
The MatchBox castings include the '70 VW Camper Van, and Cadillac Hearse.
Within the Jada line I have several I enjoy creating Customs with.  Jada COE Box Truck, COE sliding bed Tow Truck, Divco Cruizer, Oil Tanker and the Silverado Dualley PickUp.
All of the above castings have large surface areas perfect for intense graphics display and/or being used as Promotional Customs for Companies and Businesses.

Now you know some background facts about me so let's show some more pictures to keep things lively. 
Remember, anything you see here, or anything you don't see but have an idea for, can be recreated as is or to your liking.
That's what I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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